Diesel vs. Bob Backlund-WWF Title


by Stinger1981

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diesel longest reigning champ of the 90s
By Elijah Casillas Last year
@Gypsywwf The likelihood that you'll read this is nil, but I'll answer anyways. He said, "In the following contest, there will be no disqualifications, no count-outs, no submissions and no time limit. The only way to win is by pinfall."
By Jubs 3 years ago
Diesel was made champion because Vince was always obsessed with large, superhuman wrestlers and was desperately looking for the "next Hulk Hogan." Before Diesel, he needed a "small" WWF champion because the WWF was under investigation for steriod abuse (Vince nearly went to jail). Shawn Michaels later changed all this, though, as a "little guy" can be extremely popular as the WWF champion.
By LudvigBorga 5 years ago
what was the fink saying ? i heard pinfall only but why?
By MILLER SI 5 years ago
That's how things were back then, it gave the impression that anything could happen at any live show, not just the TV tapings or PPVs like today.
By Stinger1981 5 years ago
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