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Blindfold German: Penalty Shootout App


by mikegarton77

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Step up to the challenge and put your football skills to the test with the BLINDFOLD GERMAN PENALTY SHOOTOUT App, a fun game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and even your brand new iPad.

It starts when the ref's whistle blows and you drag or flick the ball to try and score past the Blindfolded German Goalkeeper. The speed and direction of the ball are controlled by you.

After your turn scoring the screen changes and you become the English goalkeeper with a haircut not dissimilar to David James but no blindfold. Again, the ref's whistle blows and a German boot kicks the ball at the goal as you attempt to make the save.

Complete with the crowd cheers or groans, it's just like being on the pitch with the added pressure of the best out of 5, and if the scores remain equal, you go to sudden death!

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das is gut ya?
By sarasangway 5 years ago
that's one way of beating the germans...
By joeymo1 5 years ago
wicked, funny app! england's gonmna win the world cup!!!!!
By michelle_connolley 5 years ago