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    The MLM Launch Formula And My Bonuses

    Diyana Alcheva

    by Diyana Alcheva


    #1 10% of the profits of all purchases will go to Charity Water. You can contribute to an amazing cause.
    #2 the first 3 random people get 3 hours of my time.
    #3 the next 5 people get 1 hour of my time.
    #4 5 random people get a unique 7-15 sec promo video.

    #5 5 random people get a unique product design cover.
    #6 Everyone gets my new info product (not yet released) first, Twitter Leads Generation.

    Disclaimer: This is the short version of the video, and my video editor had to shorten it quite a bit to fit here on DailyMotion, so have in mind that. Also, the Mediterranean breeze is making some cool noises in the video every once in while, and instead of being irritated it I hope you actually enjoy it.