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    ღ It Started Out As a {f e e l i n g} ღ


    by matanoberon

    Dear Pepsi,

    Where do I start?
    I met you after a long break from riding due to some things getting in the way, and I lost all hope that I would find a horse for me to ride again. I also told myself that I wouldn't ever love a horse again, and would focus only on riding. I went through listing after listing, barn after barn, email after email, and I couldn't find one horse. Not one.
    Then a friend of mine contacted me, and she led me to you. I met you April 1st, 2010. I liked you. A lot. I leased you. And before we knew it, the thought that I had turned into a word, then it turned into what we have now, and forever will have.
    Thank you Pepsi, for teaching me things which I cannot explain here. Thank you for giving me all you have. Thank you for letting me love you. :)

    I love you, and I won't ever forget you.