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    Cameron calls Cumbria 'brave' after shootings


    by ODN


    David Cameron has been in Cumbria describing local people coping with the aftermath of Derrick Bird's shootings as "incredibly brave".

    Mr Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May visited West Cumberland Hospital and then Workington police station to meet survivors and their families.

    He said: "People - I have met some of them - are coming to terms with the most appalling random acts that they will find very difficult to understand and in some cases there will be no explanation."

    The Prime Minister has asked for more time on whether he thought there was an urgency to tighten gun laws.

    "We do have very tough gun control in this country and I think what we need to do is take the time to allow people through that phase of mourning... not leaping to conclusions."

    Speaking from Yorkshire, Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, thought the coalition government shouldn't "rush to pass new legislation".