Medical Marijuana Grow Guide DVD

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Tired of spending all that money at the co op? You don't have to! You can grow your own medicine. This remarkable, natural herb has been used as a medicine dating back to the early 3rd century. Now, its a science. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the active element in this plant, is where the effects and remedies derive from. This is all on the Medical Marijuana Grow Guide. Available on a two disc DVD set or instantly delivered in an online, streaming video. Here are some highlights of the Medical Marijuana two disc DVD grow guide. "You can find all the rest of the items on our list at your local hardware store. Just as a word to the wise, I think its a great idea to purchase all of these things with cash. So we have our light, and our thermometer and hygrometer. We're also going to need soil, some kind of rubbermaid pan, some plywood to serve as some sort of table, possible perlite or vermiculite (we'll get into why we may need one or both of those in a moment). We'll need some sort of reflective material such as visqueen or flat, white paint. We'll need either mylar or the flat white paint to provide a reflective surface to maximize the efficiency of our light. " "What did you say the maximum humidity is? What do you suggest is a good starting seed for beginner growers? How do we fix the burn if its towards the light, if the light is the issue? What if its a nitrogen deficiency? How does the beginning grower know when the plant is ready? Before we clone our female plant, what are some supplies and tools we need? Wow! This is easier than I thought. I always hear "cloning" and I think of some scientific procedure. " Growing medicinal marijuana is simple, but takes specific procedures. The slightest misinformed step could lead to poor results, even kill your harvest. This DVD gives you in depth, inside information to achieve specific, desired results. The way to these results is our informative DVD set. Order now.