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    LL Cool J talks positivity and celebrity culture


    by ODN


    Rapper and actor LL Cool J has launched his new book in London, talking about his positive mental outlook and criticising celebrity culture.

    Cool J's second book, LL Cool J's Platinum 360 Diet and Lifestyle, follows on from his first which focused on the star's physical fitness.

    The new book concentrates on Cool J's insights into a healthy mind, body and soul.

    Cool J stars in US TV series, NCIS Los Angeles, and has featured in several Hollywood films. Also a three-time Grammy award-winning musician, he has released 11 platinum albums.

    Speaking about celebrity culture he said: "All people have to do is interview flight attendants and they'll give you all the information you need to know about who's really an artist, who's a celebrity. It seems like the more in trouble people's careers are, the worst they act...But the people that are genuine, who are real artists, when you meet them, you know it."

    Currently concentrating on his acting career Cool J said he would take his time over his next album, and "those who want to hear it, will be able to hear it and love it and those who can't appreciate it because it doesn't sound 'pop' enough, can ignore it. And I'm comfortable with that."