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    Hip Hopera group voted off Britain's Got Talent


    by ODN


    The Arrangement have been voted off Britain's Got Talent, but they are not down about it, saying: "we have had the time of our lives".

    The eight students pulled out all the stops but it was not enough, despite massive support from Amanda Holden who told them: "you are good musicians that are over looked".

    Nathan, Lara, Joe, Amy, Jono, Hannah, Ellie and Tom are all studying music and came up with their hip hopera style to try and convince classical music lovers to love hip hop and Dizzie Rascall.

    But sadly they could not convince the judges and were voted out, but this does mean that they can get back to their revision for their A-level's.

    The group are not going to give up their act though, and added:"we would really love to do the Britain's Got Talent tour".