Freddy Martin & His Orchestra - Moon About Town


by kspm0220s

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Martin played in various local bands. After working on a ships band, he joined the Mason-Dixon band, then joined Arnold Johnson and Jack Albin.Later, his band filled in for Lombardo. But the band broke up and he did not form a permanent band until 1931 at the Bossert Hotel in Brooklyn. Martin took his band into many prestigious hotels, including the Roosevelt Grill in New York City and the Ambassador in Los Angeles. A fixture on radio, his sponsored shows included NBC's Maybelline Penthouse Serenade of 1937. But Martin's real success came in 1941 with an arrangement from the first movement of Tchaikovsky's B-flat piano concerto. At one time or another, Martin employed Merv Griffin, Buddy Clark, Terry Shand (also a pianist), Elmer Feldkamp (also a saxophonist, but who is singing the wonderful vocal here), Stuart Wade (his most impressive male singer), Eddie Stone (also a violinist), and many others. Martin died in 1983. This delightful record was cut in 1934.


I'm sure it is BB :-)
By kspm0220s 5 years ago
Sounds like he was speaking to "the moon" which would make it a noun. He could have been "mooning" (verb; to "moon."). Exact meaning of the verb can be tricky, it would be totally controlled by context, one of which could be an outrageous yet comical act.
By Boston Blackie 5 years ago
I wonder what to moon would mean here BB :-)
By kspm0220s 5 years ago
Moon could be either a noun or verb here ;-).
By Boston Blackie 5 years ago
Genia, thank you and delighted you loved this! I keep searching and I hope finding many more although I probably have the largest Feldkamp selection available online as it is.
By kspm0220s 5 years ago
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