Prof. Osman Ratib / PET-MR Scanner

Interview of Prof. Osman Ratib : Professor and Chair of Department of Medical Imaging and Information Sciences
University Hospitals of Geneva.
Journalist: Which patients will be able to benefit from this new technology?
Prof. Osman Ratib.: Many patients today already have MRI and PET as part of their clinical follow-up and work-up, and they get those two studies at two separate times, which means they have to come twice and have two different investigations done. We think that it is going to be a major improvement in patient comfort to be able to do those two studies at the same time in one single machine. On the other hand, we believe that having those two modalities together will also improve the quality of our diagnostic and accuracy of our diagnosis. We believe that it will become a major player and have an impact in some of the new strategies and clinical work-up of some patients, especially in cancer and more particularly in evaluation of efficacy of some of these treatments and follow-ups with the patient to detect those who may or may not respond to the treatment that is being applied.