Le voisinage de l'Opéra, Paris #2


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こんばんは。Je t'ai envoyé un email. ^^
ユーザー名 abricot5725 4 年前
It's just crazy to discover the city where I live and by the way my "voisinage" underground through a Japanese TV show!!!

I love that's steadycam' visiting city series. But I guess I have already leaved a comment about that in the Montpelier episode :p

Well, to finish an old conversation, I had to cancel my Japan trip due to too much work, so it is simply delayed to March/April 2011 for the sakura blossom season :)
You know that moment when there is only french people in Japan :)
But finaly, it is better to organise a better trip. With destination: 宮島, 島根県, イメージ and of course few days in 東京 and 京都 (I LOVE THIS CITY SO MUCH! If only my company could open an office there I guess I would never have to get back in Paris...)

So finally the outside point of view of France with strikes everyday and holyday/vacation all the year long is not this right... for everybody
ユーザー名 Yusi Barclay 4 年前