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    Monkey Guards Business in Kanpur, India


    by NTDTelevision

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    A monkey for hire. Employees of one company are paying top dollar for this monkey's protection from other furry nuisances.

    Take a look at this… a black-faced monkey guards locals in India’s Kanpur City.

    Employees of one organization were so bothered by a herd of red-faced monkeys that they employed a black-faced monkey to protect both themselves and nearby residents.

    [Prakash Chandra Sharma, Deputy Director, ESIC]:
    "If a black-faced monkey is on the campus, then the red monkeys are very scared of it and they run away leaving the area."

    The locals agree.

    [Ram Prakash, Local Resident]:
    "The other monkeys had terrified the people in the colony, office. They used to tear the files in the office… first there was a grill put up to protect the people. But they still managed to tear the files and horrified the children in the area so much that they were scared to even come out of their houses."

    The "new employee" of the corporation sits at the entrance gate of the campus like other security personnel.

    The owner of the monkey is paid over $200 a month for his services.