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    Arise 'Sir Patrick Stewart'


    by ODN


    Hollywood star Patrick Stewart paid tribute to his former English teacher after he was knighted by the Queen.

    Stewart said he owes "literally everything" to Cecil Dormand, his secondary school teacher who encouraged him to act professionally.

    "Although many people in my life and career have had a great influence on me, without this one man, none of it would have happened", he said.

    Sixty-nine-year-old Stewart has enjoyed a 50-year-career in movies, TV and theatre.

    On the big screen he is best known as Professor Charles Xavier in Hollywood's X-Men blockbusters.

    But it was on the sci-fi TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation that the Yorkshireman shot to fame in the late 1980's.

    Stewart worked as a furniture salesman and journalist before joining the Royal Shakespeare company in his mid 20s.

    The Queen is reported to be a fan of Sir Patrick, who will join the likes of Sir Laurence Olivier, Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Alec Guinness as knighted actors