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There is a country you have to see to believe
Where the massive Andes Mountains crash into the impenetrable rain forests of the Amazon
A land wrapped in 10,000 years of history
Diverse.Exquisite.Fascinating.This is Perú
South America’s most beautiful country is also a region of great potential and excellent conditions for business. A developing air of competitiveness is rising as Perú enters the global marketplace,boosted by some of the most ambitious people in the continent
How can a country scarred by civil war and political protest have a solid macroeconomic equilibrium?
And how can the Free Trade Agreement with the United States take Perú’s relationship with the world’s largest economy further?
A land of opportunity.This is Perú
Perú is a nation on the threshold of change.Coming forth from decades of corrupt governments,instability, the Andean country is now seen by the world as an economic power in Latin America.In 2008,Perú’s GDP increased by 9.8% despite the international crisis

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