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    Preparations for Royal Love


    by NTDTelevision

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    Preparations for the Crown Princess Victoria's wedding in Sweden are currently taking place. Our correspondents in Stockholm tell you more about the event.

    In June, Stockholm will play host to the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling.
    Hotel rooms are filling up and business and tourism is booming.
    The city of Stockholm is seizing the opportunity to host various celebrations and cultural events themed “Love Stockholm.”


    So what’s different about a Royal wedding from an ordinary wedding?
    That’s not the question. The question is, would it be possible for Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling to have a quiet ceremony with just their loved ones?

    [Herman Lindkvist, Princess Victoria's History Teacher ]: (English, Male)
    "No, absolutely not. They could not do that, because she is an official person. She is going to be the next head of state. Whatever she does is an official act. It has to follow certain etiquette and protocol. But nowadays she is free to choose whomever she wants to marry. This was impossible before."

    And Crown Princess Victoria has indeed made her choice. Daniel Westling, a man of the people, is a former gym owner and was the Crown Princess’ personal trainer.
    After seven long years of waiting and finally receiving the acceptance of King Carl the Sixteenth and the government of Sweden, the country is now set for a Royal wedding.

    [Herman Lindkvist, Princess Victoria's History Teacher ]: (Male, English)
    "And they are also an example, they should be an example for the people somehow. How to behave. They should be above politics and try to be powerful in times of crises and disasters. To bring the people together and reassure them, which happened sometimes in the past like during the Tsunami."

    On June 19, in the polished and shiny Great Church, the Crown Princess will marry her beloved Daniel Westling, who will then become a prince.

    NTD News, Stockholm, Sweden.