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Crowdfunding FilmTiki:
FilmTiki wants to help filmmakers reach their audience and guide them through the maze of online and offline marketing and distribution possibilities.

At the moment we’re busy developing new features to build an online film community for you. There will also be a re-developement of our online strategy finding tool, which we want to open to the public so you can share your knowledge with other filmmakers.

Like we always say, you should start building a community at the very beginning of your project.

You can do this by submitting your project to our database, be it a feature film, documentary, short or mobile movie, animation, machinima or even a fan film.

Filmlovers will then comment on it, share it, recommend it and most importantly, love it!

You will be able to build your own tribe on FilmTiki by involving the people who love your project and grow your tribe to become a movement.
We’re also planning to collaborate with other online services to make FilmTiki a hub for all your online film promotion, social media marketing and DIY distribution efforts.

Long story short - there’s a bunch of ideas and features we’re working on and which we’ll roll out one by one later this year.

Our friend amoeba ( agreed to re-design our website and graphics. Also, our friends the webshapers need to make sure that our new site actually works... That’s why we decided to raise some more money pay these fine individuals.

Otherwise, FilmTiki will look like this... or this....

So please, help us build this new hub for independent film by visiting us on, contributing and spreading the word on twitter, by sharing your love on facebook or embedding this video to your blog or website.

Thanks a lot, you’re a star!


Speaker: Iris Lamprecht & Wolfgang Gumpelmaier
Music: Opak - hypno (damolh33 remix) (

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