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    Learn How to Box - Ducking Punches

    Fran Sands

    by Fran Sands

    882 views - Learn how to box with using the best instructional videos on the web! There are two reasons why a boxer ducks during a contest. The first reason is to avoid an opponent’s punches, hence the title ‘ducking punches’. The second reason is to engage the opponent with body shots. There is a third reason, which relates to ‘feinting’, but we'll cover that elsewhere. Ducking is one of the most simple boxing techniques to learn, and when executed correctly and at the right time opens up many avenues for attack as well reducing the risk of taking head shots.

    When ducking, be it ducking punches or ducking to let loose body shots, it is very important to observe the simple mechanics to avoid introducing the common faults. When bad habits sneak into the technique of ducking, the penalty paid can be severe!