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    Learn How to Box - Side Stepping In Boxing

    Fran Sands

    by Fran Sands

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    It’s a simple fact that all top boxers possess great footwork and balance. The ability to remain mobile whilst under full control and in total balance offers the boxer the ability to maximise the opportunities to land effective shots. Moving from side to side, also referred to as side-stepping, is a key skill to master as it plays a massive role during offensive and defensive actions. Side-stepping allows a boxer to cut off the ring, putting pressure on the opponent. The side step also allows angles for attack to be opened. When mixed with ducking and slipping, the side step also provides excellent defensive options.

    Footwork, side-stepping and moving in and out , is a primary element of controlling the opponent inside a boxing ring. The side step is a key skill that must become second nature. The move should combine speed and control and be carried out with efficiency.