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    Fester Fish - Fester's Nephew


    by aalong64

    Fester Fish must watch his bratty nephew, on the same day he's supposed to have a date with his girlfriend!

    I was thinking of making this black and white and adding more effects over it to make it look older, like I did with the "Introducing Fester Fish" video, but that seemed to just be distracting, and out-of-place. I conceived Fester as an early 1930's-style character, but the cartoon as a whole is really more inspired by Tex Avery than Ub Iwerks. Which sort of clashes with the more 30's-esque 'dancing buildings' and 'bobbing rhythmically" bits, but oh well.

    I ended up just putting a very slight blur, and little bit of grain on the image, as well as muting the colours even more than I already had when I picked them.

    Anyway, let me know what you think of it!