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    Extended Billy's mom Tracfone commercial

    Stef Cowan

    by Stef Cowan



    I will never use any other pre-paid cellular phone/plan. Tracfone meets my needs superbly. I would never agree to a two-year contract with another company and am perfectly happy with Tracfone. If you want a phone for quick calls, emergencies, and the like, Tracfone is the way to go.
    By TluniRap5 years ago
    the contract thing is a big deal man, let me tell you, for the same number of minutes I paid almost twice as much per month then I do right now with tracfone. I assume this is because the contract itself is expensive to print or something? lol
    By rcaldos75 years ago
    All my friends who use TracFone urge me to get it, so this is me researching, lol. Hmm, I'm liking the no contract thing so far, I've definitely heard some horror stories with some of those contracts other companies have.
    By chococharlies5 years ago
    tracfones are about avoiding lenthy contracts and for people who dont live on their phones the prices are dropping on them rapidly as well so they are turning into real competition for the lame contract companies
    By HIMYMstar5 years ago
    True. I think it is really good for kids to learn about budgeting too. They will learn about limited talk time and using there own savings for additional minutes. The family plans that Tracfone offer are especially attractive. Tracfone really means that everyone can afford a cellphone.
    By juliarosejones5 years ago
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