Tracfone prepaid family plan (longer version) commercial

Stef Cowan
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Tracfone is simply the most inexpensive way to own a cell phone is the States. Now you can keep 4 phones on a family plan for just $30!
Tracfone is the phone that puts you in control!


tracfone's family plan has been saving my fathers hundreds of dollars, and i hope one day it will to me too. I just like how they offer great network coverage across the country for almost nothing compared to bigger companies. And it is quite the money saver.
By barcafan2010 4 years ago
i love tracfone and it is great for the whole family/ all ages... because it is great for heavy and light users by letting you choose how much you pay.Prepaid Tracfones are simple and easy to use. Its so easy to add minutes and tracfone really does have the best coverage and offer the best international calls at really affordable rates!
By TluniRap 4 years ago
Tracfone's family plan is the only plan available to me, keeping my own family connected. While all the carriers, and other service providers are scrabbling for who sells the most unlimited plans, it still stays only tracfone looking after those who practice some moderation.
By KyleWin 4 years ago
No company, and I mean no company, I've found can offer a family plan at this price and still provide decent service. Tracfone is no contract and still a part of a major calling network and in fact, has one of the best prepaid nationwide coverages out there. The prices is just a bonus and then phones can run you about $10 if you need something really basic and its still namebrand although you won't be finding an IPhones. I think its a great tool for families who need to save or maybe want a bit more control of their usages.
By DextersGirl 4 years ago
I found out Tracfone has a super affordable family plan with out a contract and haven't looked back since.
The first phone is $10 monthly with 50 minutes and each other phone is $6 each with 40 minutes. It is real bonus.
By TalkTom 4 years ago
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