Tour Now Departing - Journey Out of Mind

Theresa-Ann Harvey
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2010-05-27 4th Journal ♥ TRANSCRIPT: ♥ iTunes podcast ♥ channel Intro: Dear people, we have for some time now been manipulated. There’s a crew who thinks they’re in charge of us, and who think they’re quite smart - and... they are. That part’s true. What they don’t seem to realize, though, is that smart’s not enough for the capturing of me and of you. No; not quite. There are many, for the now, but we are less now each day, who remain in the mind to manipulate. For that’s the playing field of bad guys, only one, only way they can win the upper hand o’er mankind... in the mind. Now the mind is significant, thats true, I admit. And let’s not throw the darn thing away. It is useful, or it can be, when from under its dominance we emerge into field of the heart. That’s the way... we hold sway... over all. So let’s lay out our terms, and make sure we’re on ground well defined to discuss such broad topics as heart, mind, and us. Before any such, though, to heart now I call all, so for now, leave that mind in the dust. It’ll keep. ;) “Enter heart” doesn’t mean enter feelings, enter dreams. Oh, no no, not as simple as that. So, for now, let’s just drop what the world out there means when it says, when it speaks of the heart. It’s not that. Not at all. Let that fall from recall as I call you to center in the chest. In the middle of your chest, just a little bit up higher is a center, sacred portal, into Cosmos. So it’s not organ beating steady that I mention when I say ‘heart.’ Nothing physical has been found of sacred center where Light abounds. Eckhart Tolle does this different... when he says “enter inner body,” but the same thing, I suspect is what is meant; though I don’t know. Don’t rely... Distributed by Tubemogul.