Angel City ft. Lara McAllen "Love Me Right" Pulse Sonic Mix

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  • Add to From "Gemini 2010" ☛Pulse Sonic Podcast available on iTunes. Angel City is a Zentveld & Oomen Dance project fronted by female singer Lara McAllen. Lara McAllen (now Byrne) (born 30 October 1983) is a chart vocalist, singer/songwriter, and vocal producer. Lara McAllen is the singer for the pop/dance music project Angel City. She began dancing at age 5, was a model briefly before becoming a backing dancer for the pop singer Shakira at 19. She then pursued her career as a dance music singer with Angel City when she signed her first recording contract with Ministry of Sound at age 20. Before joining Angel City, Lara found dance floor success with Stuart, Free (Let It Be) which was released on Incentive, an offshoot of Ministry of Sound. Lara was originally featured as a guest vocalist in Angel City and later joined the group as the lead singer on all the tracks on the debut album "Love Me Right".