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    Transformers Energon:Starscream the Mysterious mercenary 1/3


    by Commander

    Starscream sucessfully sneaks into Ocean City base undetected. He starts searching for Optimus Prime he sneaks past Ironhide. Kicker senses him says who ever it is, is sneaking arount to get Optimus Prime. The Omnicons hear Starscream too. Alpha Q tells Starscream to kill Optimus Prime because he is hogging all the Energon. He also tells Starscream to get Energon for him to revive Unicron. Back at the Ocean City base, everybody notices the security has been breached but no one knows its Starscream. Kicker goes to look with Ironhide and find nothing. Optimus goes to the Energon mine 243. Then Optimus thinks about who attacked him yesterday. Starscream starts attcking Optimus Prime. Kicker got almost blasted to bits by Starscream. Optimus starts leading Starscream somewhere to find out who or what is attacking him. A space bridge appears and Kicker goes straight for it. Starscream shoots Jetfire in order to prevent him from following them. It leads to Lunar City. No-one saw him there. Just then, Megatron attacks there and discovers Optimus Prime is there. Scorponok tells Demolisher that Megatron still doesn't trust him. Optimus is there getting attacked again by Starscream and has a conversation with him. Starscream tells Optimus why he is doing revive Unicron of course. Ironhide combines with Jetfire to become Powerlinx Jetfire. Megatron shoots Optimus Prime by suprise and Starcscream retreats. But Megatron stays and keeps attacking but gets blasted away.