Paradox as Wisdoms Footprint - and Telepathy

Theresa-Ann Harvey

by Theresa-Ann Harvey

2nd Journal 2010-05-29 TRANSCRIPT: iTunes podcast channel Intro: When we’re in heart our whole life’s both different... and the same... at one and the same time. It’s daunting, but only to mind. To You it presents no problem at all. Welcome Home. Get used to that. For paradox... is your new friend. She shows up a lot, so my advice is to welcome her... whenever, wherever, and however she shows up... for she’s a blessing - a sign of blessing for sure. What paradox being present also displays is that you’re rising up out of 3D, for 3D can neither contain nor understand her - that’s why she’s called paradox. She’s not really that. On other levels she’s sometimes called Wisdom, I do believe. Not easily understood, but oh, so worth the effort, the glance her way, the seeking out... of what she offers. I’d go for that. So, next time she comes calling, just know your’e blessed. Get out of mind, for mind won’t find... a way to answer... to understand ... what this bright goddess offers. The mind we’re used to wearing, to living inside of, the 3D mind... is no companion of Wisdom’s flame. Can’t understand her, her paradoxes, or it is paradoxi - you tell me, please. So, you can spend all the time you want trying to “get to the bottom of” whatever it is, of looking at it through all angel (‘typo’ for angles) to try and make sense of ... what’s there before you. Good luck with that. I found it fruitless. I found the no-mind... my friend in this. Had all the answers... wrapped up in package, called “I don’t know.” Ah, what a gift! But that was my way, my path led that way, and yours might not, so... be sure to follow... where your heart leads... Distributed by Tubemogul.