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    Le dernier envol


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    Realy nice , keep going up ! with Atlantis ? Atlentis : the lost city of sea .Remember Magelan so.
    Did you need your "identity card or passport" when you'r going to speak with the stars ? I don't think so . Cause I need my identity card when i'm going outside of my home now .
    sign : a french guy who dream . i Like moon , twilight zone and cigarettes !
    I think i never see the man put his feet on Mars cause i'm too old , but the next generation ?
    May be , i will see a chinesse guy put his feet on the moon , may be not .
    I have a good name for a new space-ship : Odyssée or Space-Horizon .
    -God Bless America -
    Good Night & Good Luck ! ( The last words are for my country too ).
    Par horizonceanIl y a 5 ans
    Très beau ! Ca donne envie d'y être !
    Par azraelle29Il y a 6 ans
    Florent Brun
    Jolie vidéo j'ai appris comment on effectuait une mise a feu sur une fusée de la nasa au decollage
    Par Florent BrunIl y a 6 ans