Little Britain S02E03/ la petite Bretagne- english subtitles


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I just watched the full HD movie here The quality is great enjoy!
The A-Team van was an authentic vehicle on hire from and was later used to help raise money for Comic Releif when it was driven among a lot of other famous vehicles the entire length of the UK, from John O'Groats to Land's End.
The Character of Viv makes her TV debut. Viv's "Gaaawgeous!" catchphrase has previously only been heard in the Radio version of Little Britain.
Meera winning the lottery is a revamped version of the 'Mr. Gupta' sketch from the radio version of Little Britain which didn't originally involve Meera, Marjorie or Fat Fighters.
Meera's surname is revealed as 'Sharma'.
The sketch with the Prime Minister, Sebastian, and the Ex-Goverment Aide had been done before at the 2004 Teenage Cancer Trust Concert.
Boom mic visible: At the end of the episode, just before Andy lifts up the car, the reflection of the boom mic can be seen on the car.
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