Korean BBQ Irvine - Irvine CA Korean BBQ Restaurant, Irvine


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This is the best damn Korean BBQ Irvine! But the actual restaurant is not in Irvine, per se, it is nearby in HawaiianGardens, which is like a 10 minute drive or so. But that is definitely worth the drive if you love Korean BBQ, or should I say, if you love incredible Korean bbq! This kbbq restaurant makes organic grass fed beef korean BBQ! Imagine that...organic grass fed beef kalbi! So freakin awesome! It's my new all time favorite food. If you want to be amazed by the best korean bbq anywhere near Irvine, then you owe it to yourself to get thee to this Korean restaurant for beautiful korean bbq that is delicous, tasty, yummy, and organic!
By massagevalley5 years ago