Chipmunk: Cheryl Cole's doing fine

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British rapper Chipmunk insists Cheryl Cole is keeping her chin up despite the problems in her personal life. The Girls Aloud and X Factor judge filed papers to divorce husband Ashley Cole on Tuesday.

Fellow chart topper Chipmunk spoke to Cheryl at the weekend.

"She looked happy, so she must be cool," said the 19-year-old.

"I've got crazy love for Cheryl Cole. She always gives me lovely advice. She's always smiling," he added.

There have been mixed reports about how the Coles will now divide their assets. But many are speculating whether the singer, 26, will leave the marriage with her ex-husband's name.

Chipmunk joined the debate. He said: "It's not my business, but an album called "Cheryl" would be a statement."