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    Boy Falls from Top of Escalator Turkey


    by msterrywogan

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    D&B Legend BAY B KANE Brick Jungle LP First Album in 13 Years! A man catches a very lucky boy when he falls from the top of an escalator in a Turkish shopping mall. The boy held on to the escalator all the way up to the top before falling into the arms of a hero who luckily spotted the child in trouble before a terrible accident occurred. Visit Juno and buy the great music track by Yo! Majesty 'Dont let go'!+majesty&qs=1&s_search_precision=any&s_search_type=all&s_genre_id=0000&s_search_music=1&s_search_merchandise=1&s_show_out_of_stock=0&s_music_product_type=all&s_media_type=all-media&s_merchandise_id=0&s_show_digital=1&page=2