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    Quicken Loans VA Loan – Matt Henkels Mortgage Banker


    by QuickenLoans

    Quicken Loans client Charles from Arizona, discusses in this video review how Quicken Loans and Matt Henkels helped him get a VA Loan. Before Quicken Loans, Charles had always dreaded the mortgage process, comparing it to going to the dentist or buying a used car from some guy on a dirty lot. Charles decided to get his loan through Quicken Loans after hearing good thing about the company and seeing their ads on television. Matt Henkels, his mortgage banker, made sure the process was as easy as possible and that everything went as planned. Charles would never hesitate to refinance with Quicken Loans again, but doesn’t think he will have need since he received such a great rate. He recommends Matt Henkel and Quicken Loans to anyone looking for a mortgage or refinance.