Giantess Attacks

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Mark Lee
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Hello my friends. Everyone, I show my new video Giantess Attacks. She walks on roads and crush people and cars. Hope us like this. Thanks all comments!


Need to have her kick the buildings with her pretty bare feet & then have her jump up and crush the buildings with people nside screaming, normal and then n slow motion! Then, have her sit on top of the building and have her b naked if u can, while she slowly crushes the bldgs like she's having an orgasm! Have the vid b like 10 minutes long, pleeeeeeease? Tyvm (thank you very much)! My email address is, thx AGAIN, if u could make my request come true!
By Robert Heine last year
She is like " Get out of my way . You people are just insignificant roaches to me. Ha, ha , ha" You just got to love her snobishness. She is like " You bugs are so underneat me. you deserve to be crushed. mua ha ha"
By doormat2women 4 years ago
sound would be nice to add
By Max Reiter 4 years ago
How did she get free? And why is she wrecking the city when all those scientists were her friends?

B for the video, but a D for the story.
By MichaelKlump 4 years ago
how do you make there videos
By bibi95630 5 years ago
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