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    Two Year Old Smokes 40 Cigarettes A Day

    Earl Morningstarr

    by Earl Morningstarr

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    Teresita Chavez
    kill the parents!!!!!
    By Teresita Chavez4 years ago
    Meghan Walley
    I'm not saying I condone it, but the father is clearly coming from a different cultural perspective. In a lot of places (where they aren't bombarded with anti-smoking ads) children start smoking early. I have read about cultural groups in which kids light up after breast feeding. So I think to say that this father deserves to be shot is a little harsh.
    By Meghan Walley4 years ago
    Zachariah Desilva
    wt sort of a fucked up world do we live in !!!!!!!
    By Zachariah Desilva4 years ago
    superbe, merci! !!! ;) ,,,......
    By eshasweety5 years ago
    You have superb editing skills. btw anyone wannt to chat?? ....!.!
    By sweety4495 years ago
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