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    Beijing's City Management Accused of Injuring 8 Year Old Gir


    by NTDTelevision

    Beijing's city management officers are being accused of injuring an eight year old girl. The incident apparently happened in a scuffle when the officers were confiscating goods from unauthorized street vendors.

    An eight year old girl was allegedly hit by city management officers during a scuffle in Beijing’s Tongzhou district on May 15th.

    The incident was reported by a bystander, who posted a video of the chaos the followed.

    The Beijing city management officers—or Cheng Guan—were removing goods from unauthorized street vendors. A woman who tried to stop them was reportedly dragged along the pavement. The woman’s eight year old daughter tried to stop the men from dragging her mother and was apparently smacked by an officer.

    The video shows the girl rinsing out her mouth, with blood visible on the ground.

    These bystanders say the girl was hit on the head. One man says he can be a witness.

    The officer accused of hitting the girl says he did not touch her. He told local media that she may have been injured accidently. He claims he was scratched and bitten by the girl’s mother in the scuffle. Tongzhou District police say the Cheng Guan did not come into physical contact with anyone other than the woman.

    Under the Chinese regime, the Cheng Guan is a low-level municipal body whose main responsibility is keeping street vendors in line. They have become infamous in cites throughout the country for their severe corruption and gangster-like tactics.