THE COLBYS S01E18 "The Wedding" (Part 1/3)


by LBColby

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* ORIGINAL TV GUIDE EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Fallon and Jeff Colby are remarried in a lavish ceremony at the Colby estate in California.
* ORIGINAL EPISODE AIRDATE: Thursday, March 20, 1986 at 9-10pm EST/PDT on the ABC TV network.
* NOTE: Diahann Carroll makes her 5th and final appearance in season 1 of "The Colbys." She will make 2 additional appearances in early season 2. John Forsythe makes his 4th and final appearance on "The Colbys." Jack Coleman makes his first and only appearance on "The Colbys." No other "Dynasty" stars (bar Diahann Carroll) will appear in the remaining episodes of the spin-off. Ray Wise joins the cast as Zach Powers' relative Spiros Koralis.
* TRIVIA: Joan Collins reportedly vowed never to appear on "The Colbys," which is why the writers came up with a convenient excuse that fog kept both her character Alexis and Linda Evans' character Krystle in Denver (Blake and Steven arrived for the wedding early to meet with Zach Powers, Dominique had been in L.A. for a week).


did not remember that miles n fallon were married briefly.....how could jason be so heartless when miles was his son also.....with their money....fallon had many options open to her to have wedding without having it where miles actually lives....if i were sable i would have put my foot down...
By Chase Jackson July
Losing the'remixes' of Dynasty like 'The Sable Colby Show' and 'Kissing Cousins' was a tragedy. I am glad some sense of that great saga remains in your hands. Now to my new Retion 2 player for a long viewing of 'Connie' - and more Stephanie Beacham.
By Kenneth Ostenso December
I do understand Fallon's reasons, but I still think it was a bit crass for them to get married at the house. Couldn't they use the beach house or one of LA's many locations?
By mphs95 Last year