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    See with New Eyes (or Blessings in Religion ?)

    Theresa-Ann Harvey

    by Theresa-Ann Harvey

    2010-04-28 1st Journal TRANSCRIPT: iTunes podcast channel Intro: It's my estranged daughters birthday, today; 28th day, 28th year, and the Mayan eleven just about nails it, for the energies of her life, lately. Eleven is not a comfortable number, for it is unsettled, and in the midst of Resolution, which is what it's called. It represents the modifications and changes required to come to resolution, and that's her. Actually, though, that's all of us, in a way, and in a good one, too. To have an active spiritual path is a huge blessing, both for the person and by them, for that blesses the rest of life, too. Let us never again forget that all are connected. God bless the dear quantum physicists for facing the reality their work brought. Quantum entanglement is some of the best of it. All one — scientifically. I just love it! Coffee and setting intent (i.e., what some might call prayers) for this day were intensely beautiful. I love it when the tears flow, not for the tears, for they are just outer evidence of inner being; flow and process. It's a gift. In every religion there are both beautiful people, beautiful sages and saints, and much truth... hidden there... in the midst. Now that we're awakening, we can find it, again, like we did... long ago... other lives. There is much hatred for the Catholics, which is sad, of course, for much Light... much truth... came through them. It is there to be shared with and found by the whole world ... if they'll look... past their noses in air ... prejudice. Yes, there is nonsense, and outright ignorance and lies... with the truth. So what's new? Isn't life like that? A little bit this... and some that... all mixed in... served up raw. I rather like it, it gives opportunity, for discernment... is the trick... That's the skill and the blessing we're meant to discover within... 'midst ... Distributed by Tubemogul.