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    American Idol Star Experience game!

    Micah Lockhart

    by Micah Lockhart

    Take a look at the new American Idol Star Experience game, released 26/06/10. You can play FREE as a special launch offer, visit

    Now you can continue your Idol obsession as players unleash their creativity by creating jaw-dropping performances for family, friends and the whole Facebook community to rate and compare against other players.

    Simply use you existing Facebook login to create a game account to access the free Performance Creator download for PC. The Performance Creator enables you to design your own unique stage performance, including building a custom avatar from head-to-toe, choosing a song to sing from dozens of hits, choreographing dance moves, and directing a multitude of staging elements like camera angles and special effects.

    Post your performance to Facebook with one click, to be rated to see how they compare to other performers in singing, styling and staging categories!