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Phonsai Easiest way of creating mobile applications

Create mobile applications without coding

Phonsai is a web-based application which lets you design your own mobile applications without any programming skills.

Widespread brand/model support

Your mobile applications that are developed by Phonsai will run on approximately 2000 different phone models.

Just Copy and Paste your content

You can copy and paste your contents (text, images, web links, phone call shortcuts, etc.) to your mobile application.

No installation (Java Web Start)

You can use Phonsai platform through your web browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Chrome, etc.).

Phonsai Emulator Inside

Phonsai emulator will let you preview how your application will look in different phone screens and screen sizes.

Create, Send and Report

You can also send your mobile applications to cell phones through Phonsai delivery module and can receive detailed delivery reports.

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