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    Florida Paranormal Research 2009 Year In Pictures

    Ian Hickin

    by Ian Hickin

    Florida Paranormal Research Group was founded as a Research and Discovery team of Investigators, however we have evolved beyond that. We now Research and Develop new Technologies, Methodologies, and Techniques in an effort to optimize our investigation time and to Maximize our ability to capture and scientifically quantify the existence of Paranormal Activity. View our Evidence at Watch Our Shows At http://www.GhostShow.US and our Main Website at Watch out team on Saturday Night Paranormal with Host Ian Hickin. Featuring Live Paranormal Investigations, Live Laboratory Experiments, Special Guests, Live Reveals, Interactive Discussion, and Live Studio Appearances By Forum Members and Paranormal Investigators from Around The World. Broadcasting on the Peoples TV Network and The White Noise Network. Gary Walters, Ian Hickin, Virginia Walters, Dave Edwards, Tina Edwards, Patricia Boynton, Jodi Tanner, Spiderweb Kugler