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    Super Mario Galaxy 2 Playthrough (Part 3) [No Commentary]


    by PlayingWithMahWii

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    It's finally here!! I know we've been waiting for it a long time now: Super Mario Galaxy 2! The sequel to the epic platformer adventure game that's more difficult than the first! Best of all, I'm playing LIVE as well as blind! (Not literally of course, I'm watching the screen!) That's right, you all can see how I do the very first time playing! Oh boy, figuring stuff out! Check it out, it's bound to be epically awesome!

    This is the non-commentary version! For commentary with this playthrough, check out my YouTube channel at

    Missions covered in this video:
    - Obtain Star #2 - "Storming the Sky Fleet" on Sky Station Galaxy
    - Begin Star #3 - "Saddle Up with Yoshi" on Yoshi Star Galaxy
    - Find the Comet Medal on Yoshi Star Galaxy