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    The Stalin Subway 2 Red Veil - Metro-2: The death of the lea

    Валерий Lamer

    Валерий Lamer

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    "Metro-2: death of the leader" - the long-awaited sequel to the game "Metro-2". One year has passed since the original game: Gleb Suvorov and Lena Lapin combined bonds of marriage, Natasha Mikhaleva back into operation after injury, and the father of his people, Joseph Stalin, went to the other world. In the higher echelons of power, began the struggle for leadership of the country.
    In the past, conspiracy Beria failed only because of intervention by Gleb and Lena. And after the death of the leader Laurentius Pavlovich decided to take revenge on the people, prevented his last. He tells Natasha Mikhaleva arrest couple Suvorov. However, she manages to capture only Gleb, Lena same time warning of the impending action, manages to escape. Now she must find her husband and get out of Moscow ...