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The 11th Hour for the PC (DOS)

vor 8 Jahren91 views

This is a nice rendered PAC(Point-and-Click)-Adventure, and the prequal to the well-known game "The 7th Guest"

Well, I have this game just since today and I'm not good at it, lol. I also just solved one puzzle in this video and the rest was just clicking objects. (I also didn't feel like putting many parts up, especially because my former account got suspended...Regardless, there is a nice video in HD of this game anyway...) :P

Another thing is the quality...I know it isn't the best. But I had some problems...

WMM didn't import all parts of the recorded file (yeah, they automatically split in parts) and so I put the recorded file in Camtasia Studio and THEN put it into WMM...and it worked like a charm then...

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The 11th Hour for the PC (DOS)
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