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    Little Britain S02E01/ la petite Bretagne- english subtitles


    by eriocitrin

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    First aired BBC THREE 19.10.2004
    Emily and Florence - The rubbish transvestites take tea. Like ladies.
    Bubbles Devere - Dangereuse. Very dangereuse.
    Lou and Andy - The Price is Right - Andy comes on down.
    Marjorie Dawes and Fatfighters - The one with Vanessa Feltz.
    Bank Clerk I - Computer says no to a loan of £2000.
    Harvey and Jane - Jane meets the parents.
    Mr Mann - 'Did I mention she should have a glass eye?'
    Sebastian and Michael - The leader of the opposition.
    Lou and Andy - Feeding the ducks. 'Oi! Oi, Ironside. Oi! Oi, Davros'.
    It took Matt Lucas a total of 4 hours to get in and out of the Bubbles DeVere fat suit and an hour to get out.
    The Bubbles DeVere cost in the region of £30,000 to make. The vagina had to be altered as it was too graphic.
    This episode chalked up over 4 million viewers when it was first broadcast on BBC1.
    Teenager (to Andy): Oi Davros!
    Davros is the name of a villain on the well-known British sci-fi programme Doctor Who.