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    Brett Ratner goes Bollywood


    by ODN


    Up until recently Brett Ratner did not know the first thing about Bollywood movies, but that did not stop the US director being snapped up to helm one.

    The man behind blockbusters including Rush Hour and X Men: The Last Stand, was invited to come up with an international version of Bollywood film Kites.

    Ratner took the original picture released in Hindi and re-cut it with a new soundtrack to create Kites: The Remix.

    "One's much shorter, the music's different. It's the same story, but different tone. Bollywood movies have many genres in one story. This is kind of driving the love story theme throughout," said Ratner explaining the difference between two Kites movies.

    The 41-year-old's next project is something slightly closer to home. He is in talks to make a heist movie with Ben Stiller. The filmmaker also revealed that he would not be involved in the rumoured X-Men 4 movie.