Learn How To Box - The Left Uppercut, One For The Purist!

Fran Sands

by Fran Sands

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http://www.myboxingcoach.com, the best instructional boxing videos on the Web! Uppercuts are the most difficult shots to master. The right uppercut (back hand) involves more actions for the body to undertake and as such is more difficult. This said, the mid-range left uppercut is a challenge because it requires a modified rotation of the hips.

The mid-range left uppercut is not in isolation a ‘power’ shot, it is more appropriately described as a scoring shot or a set-up shot for other power shots (e.g. to set up a right cross ). To generate true power in the shot, it should follow a skill that provides extra leverage, for example an inside slip or a mid-range right hook .

When learning the mechanics, ensure that you keep an eye on the trajectory of the shot. Don’t let the left hand drop too low as the shot goes, otherwise you could be on the very wrong end of a big right hook coming back the other way! This is a shot for the purists, master it and other shots will come easy!