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what blows our minds the most, are all the possibilities given by this application. By letting anyone attach a digital message to any physical object, StickyBits is bridging the gap between real life and digital world.

Just imagine what it means for brands. Currently all the content appearing on barcodes is user-generated content. But StickyBits plans to release in June tools for brands, including means to manage the conversations popping up on its products and an analytics dashboard. Brands will be able to track where and when people scan its products, publish official content, or talk to users that have checked in previously.

Geo-localisation apps like Foursquare or Gowalla, can help brands and retailers get the consumers in the store, but StickyBits is actually in the store with the consumer when he is making his final purchasing act! And figures indicate that 30% are using their mobile phones at this exact moment (to call someone for advice, or look for recommendations online for example).

Therefore it’s very important, in our opinion, that brands hurry to take ownership of their product’s barcode.
Why? By doing so they can turn a basic “product” into a “universe” or “user experience”. Imagine being in a shop, scanning your favorite coffee and getting in return info about its origin, composition, or environmental footprint. But we could also imagine getting more practical outputs like video advice from George Clooney for example, recipe ideas, other consumer’opinions, discount coupons, or an advertising message.
There are millions of creative ideas to come up with for brands to give life to their products and deliver a unique experience to consumers. We are looking forward to help you achieving just that!