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    Contrôleur on/off de prises électriques avec pc - PT SE 2010

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    contrôler une I/O pour
    envoyer la trame. Des boutons ON et OFF disponibles sur l’IHM permettent de contrôler chaque

    Project description
    Within the iTeam framework, when a server goes down, it is necessary to be able to restart it
    remotely in order to not be forced to step in manually. Therefore, it is interesting to remote control
    plugs through the internet.
    The purpose of this project is to use a “radio remote controlled plugs kit” in order to adapt an
    embedded Ethernet interface with a PIC18F97J60.
    To do this, we use 1600W ON/OFF plugs we bought. The signal emulation (MF – 433,92 MHz – 30
    meters range) of the original remote control allows the system to command up to 256 different plugs
    with only one housing.
    The PIC18F97J60 has an embedded Ethernet module allowing us to realize low cost Ethernet
    applications. The PIC programming and every used protocols have been done thanks to Microchip
    Stack. The PIC includes a web server allowing the user to control an I/O in order to send the frame.
    Available ON and OFF switches on the HMI allow to control each plug.