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    Leiana - Nothing=You

    Leiana's new video, Nothing=You, from the album Lucky #3 on FOF/EMI, directed by artist and illustrator Tony Squindo ( who has also rocked artwork for METALLICA, KORN, the MISFITS among others.

    'Lucky #3' is an action-packed rock/metal/punk extravaganza that will delight fans of any genre. Recorded in Los Angeles, California by producer by Eddie Wohl (SMILE EMPTY SOUL, ANTHRAX), the album is a soundtrack for those that love to surf and skate or just like to rock out. The album features guest appearances by SMILE EMPTY SOUL, Rob Caggiano of ANTHRAX, Brett Scallions of FUEL, John Tempesta of WHITE ZOMBIE and THE CULT, and Ken Schalk of CANDIRIA.