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    par Natasheena

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    Do they think they've seperated me away from you oh affectionate
    They didn't know that you're in my blood and my soul and my eyes
    Oh pure Qds, cradle of Jesus, the country of civilisation, homeland of the wounded
    Oh Palestine, Oh Palestine, with Gods power we are united
    Yes united united, with God's power we are victorious
    No matter how many years pass, who can who can make us forget our chilhood and eliminate the affection
    Oh mother don't worry, distance will not keep me away from you
    Oh mother don't worry about the distance, Iswear we're going to come back to your warm lap
    My homeland is in my soul, from me it will never leave
    Ad the Aqsa in my heart, my heart is wounded
    Help me brother, don't leave me like this
    I'm alone forgotten, reach out your hand