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    Bathroom Cabinets and Vanities


    by Victorrishona

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    To celebrate the grand opening of our newest branch in San Francisco, 
    Closets Doors and Beyond would like to announce a limited time only sale beginning 
    April 2010, of up to 50% OFF on all doors.

    Remodeling a bathroom is a lot of work, all details must be considered very carefully as they make the design unique. Closets Doors and Beyond realizes this and this is why they have put only the best and most experienced designers on their design staff to help you with your remodel. Many things must be considered when replacing your old bathroom cabinets and vanities and it is important that both be selected with delicacy down to the smallest detail in order for them to flow together. Our Customer Service Plus team is available 24/7 to help answer any questions you may have on product availability, such as the ones here:

    Custom designed and edged counter tops in: tempered glass, wood and stone
    Luxury above sink vessels
    Luxury rece